Professional ANDIS FADE CLIPPER. Great grip and balance and an adjustable fade blade. - The Andis Fade is built on a powerful magnetic motor that runs at over 6,000..

Andis Fade nation, cordless clipper

Andis Fade Nation cordless clipper Reliable powerPowerful rotary motor, 5500 strokes per minuteDurable li-ion batteryRunning time: 120 minutesRecharge time: 90 minutes5 slide ..


Professional ANDIS PROFOIL Shaver • Lithium-ion battery provides maximum power.  • Delivers over 1 hour of runtime on a single charge - 2x longer than other shavers. ..

ANDIS SLIMLINE PRO Li Cordless Trimmer

Professional balanced trimmer with lithium-ion battery for trimming the neckline and light-duty touch-ups. Slim and light. Excellent, reliable and powerful engine. New blade ..

Andis Slimline Pro LI, black trimmer

Andis Pro Li , cordless trimmer, blackRunning time : 120 minRecharge time: 150 min6000 strokes per minute4 slide on attachment combs..

ANDIS SUPERLINER Outlining, Detailing & Shaping Trimmer

The Andis Superliner is an ultra-close cutting trimmer that's perfect for outlining, detailing and shaping around the nape and ears. It's supplied with a detachable stain..

Andis Supra Li 5, cordless clipper

Andis Supra Li 5 cordless clipperRunning time 120 minRecharge time 90 min5000 strokes per minute6 slide on attachment combs..

Andis Supra ZR clipper

Andis Supra ZR clipperCorded power in cordless design120 minutes running time, 120 minutes recharge timeLi-ion batteryRotation motor5-speeds 1800-3800 strokes per minuteBlade syste..


Professional trimmer, best for: outlining, dry shaving and fading • Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for detailing. • Suitable for trimming necks, beards, mustaches & ..


Benefits: Affordable Blade system: Pilot system Technical features Silent pivot motor Design features Weight of 430g 3 meter cord Included 2 blades (size 0000, 0,..

OSTER Artisan trimmer

Benefits: Cord/cordless Blade system: Artisan system Technical features Cordless with NiMH battery 6000 strokes per minute Running time: 60 minutes Recharge time: 2..

OSTER C200  Ion

Benefits: Adjustable, cord/cordless Blade system: C200 system Technical features: Cord/Cordless with Li-ION battery 4800 Strokes per minute Running time: 120 minutes..

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