Hair Coloring Accessories

Aluminiumfoil, 250 m, 12 cm

Aluminiumfoil Lenght 250 mWidth 12 cm..

Dye brush with pin

Dye brush with pinSize: 50 mm..


Kitoko bowl..

KITOKO tinting brush

Kitoko tinting brush..

KITOKO whisk

Kitoko whisk..

Large tinting brush "AFFINAGE"

Large tinting brush. Width 50 mm...

Measuring jug with handle

Measuring jug with handle. Volume 200 ml...

Ro.ial aluminium foil, 12 cm

Ro.ial aluminium foil, 12 cm..

Ro.ial aluminium foil, 15 cm

Ro.ial aluminium foil, 15 cm..

Tube squeezer

Eagle Fortress rolling tube squeezerTube squeezer, plastic..


Color tube squeezer.(plastic)..

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