AFFINAGE BLONDE ammonia free highlighting powder, 25g

AFFINAGE Blonde is an ammonia free highlighting and blonding crème featuring DATEM™ Technology giving superb lift with low percentage of developer and leaving the hair in excellent..

AFFINAGE BLONDE blonding crème, 60ml

AFFINAGE Blonde is an ammonia free highlighting and blonding crème featuring DATEM™ Technology giving superb lift with low percentage of developer and leaving the hair in excellent..

ASP Colour Your way liquid thickener

*FOR USE WITH PERMANENT COLOUR & BLEACH. NOT FOR USE WITH SEMI-PERMANENT COLOUR (USE COLOUR YOUR WAY POWDER).Colour Your Way Liquid is a creative colour thickener that allows y..

ASP Colour Your way powder-thickener

*FOR USE WITH PERMANENT COLOUR, SEMI-PERMANENT COLOUR & BLEACH.Colour Your Way Powder is a creative colour thickener that allows you to customise the viscosity of colour and li..

ASP Kitoko introduced its new vegan-friendly and gluten-free botanical color ASP KITOKO. 12 new shades are available, based on seven natural colors.Plant-based colour that mixes wi..

Achieve vibrant or pastel colours on pre-lightened hair, or subtle tones on natural hair. Conditioning, shine inducing formula with Shea Butter & Argan Oil nourishes, streng..

Creme CONVERTER  "tone on tone effect" 1000 ml

A Unique Conversion Concept which converts any Permanent Hair Colour Créme to tone on tone Effect This unique product changes any permanent hair colour into a tone on tone ..

Creme Developer 12% 1000 ml

AFFINAGE Creme Developer 12% 1000 ml..

Creme Developer 3% 1000 ml

AFFINAGE Creme Developer 3%..

Creme Developer 6% 1000 ml

AFFINAGE Creme Developer 6% 1000 ml..

Creme Developer 9% 1000 ml

AFFINAGE Creme Developer 9% 1000 ml..

ERASER Colour Removal System

Affinage Eraser is a revolution in colour removal systems, saving you time, saving your image, and most importantly saving your hair. A simple, effective, and safe colour removal ..


Wipes safely and gently remove hair colour and colour staining from the skin. Quickly and efficiently eliminates additional mess and will not affect the colour on the hair. C..

HotShotz is a true semi-permanent hair colour with wonderful shades in an advanced creme base giving amazing light reflective colour with great condition, radiance and manageabilit..

INFINITI b:BROWN series 100 ml

Lift & colour system that delivers soft brown results on natural & coloured hair – no need to pre-lighten.• On-scalp formula.• Perfect for all dark hair types...

INFINITI b:RED Refresher 60ml

Värskenda oma bRed värvi lihtsalt, ühe sammulise lisamisega. bRed Refresher on lihtne ja kergesti kasutatav toode värskendamaks punast, vaskset või magenta värvi, mis esialgselt s..

INFINITI b:Red Series100ml

Off-Scalp Colour Highlighting   INFINITI® b:RED® Series is an off-scalp colour highlighting system that delivers intense red highlights on natural and coloured hair in..

INFINITI Blonde Toners 60ml


INFINITI Gothic Series 100ml

No Lift Action, Colour Deposit Only INFINITI® Gothic Series incorporates 1 black and 4 grey deposit-only permanent shades. Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technol..

INFINITI High Lift Series (12.) 100ml

Extra Lightening Shades INFINITI® High Lift Series (12.) offers up to 4-5 levels of pure lightening. Advanced breakthrough formula with GPS-TEChnology, Shea Butter and Argan Oil..

INFINITI Intensives Series 60ml

Kontsentreeritud pigmendi lisandid. Intensiivsed toonid, kauakestev külluslik efekt, vastupandamatu sära, välimust parandavad omadused, optimaalne katvus ning eriti püsiv..


8 EXQUISITE SHADES FOR INCREDIBLE METALLIC EFFECTSAdvanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology, Shea Butter and Argan Oil ensures beautiful, even results with incredib..

INFINITI Regular Shades 100ml

Radiant, Multidimensional Colour that Cares Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology Shea Butter & Argan Oil add protection, suppleness & incredibl..

INFINITI Satin  60ml

A Breakthrough in Ammonia Free Tone on Tone  Colour Technology Infiniti Satin is a range of 30 intermixable, ammonia free tone on tone shades. It is an ideal introduction ..

KITOKO Protein Additive

This Kitoko special treatment has been created to infuse the hair structure with protein, minerals and nutrients and to halt free-radical damage when added to chemical products. Fi..

LITE blue lightening powder 5*500g

High performance lightener in white and blue. Suitable for all techniques with an improved high lift performance, produces a smooth, creamy consistency, preserving excellent hair c..

NEW INFINITI Regular Shades 100ml

GPS-technologyPermanent hair colour with shea butter and argan oil...

QuickPig Pre-Pigmentation Spray

QuickPig Pre-Pigmentation Spray is easy to use, pre-pigmentation products for full head correction work and partial re-colouration (i.e. foils, meches etc.). A and easy to follow m..

Satin Activator

Semi permanent color activating creme...

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