Hair Dryers

Cera Pro DC hair dryer, 2000W

Benefits: - ION technolgy - Johnson motorOutput: - 1417 liters of air/minute (84 m³/h)Features: - 2000 Watt - 2 Speed Settings - 2 Temperature Settings - Intstant Cold ..

Esquire grooming brush dryer + FREE shampoo 414 ml

Esquire grooming brush dryer + FREE shampoo 414 mlThis Hand Brush Hair Dryer by Esquire Grooming for men’s grooming, features a soft-touch finish and a comfortable grip that a..

Mini Dryer Turbo

Perfect to traveling or at the gym. - 2 heat settings - 2 speed settings - Diffuser Extremly powerful for its size, 1000 W  ..

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Parlux 3200 compact Hair dryer Parlux 3200 compact Hair dryer

Föön professionaalne Parlux 3200 Compact Black on varustatud keraamilise küttekehaga.Võimsus: 1900 Watts.Kaal: 490 gCompact - 20 cm4 temperatuuriButton kiire jahutamineKvaliteetne,..

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Parlux Advance Light Ice hairdryer

Käsiföön 2200 W Ülivõimas ja uskumatult kerge käsiföön professionaalseks kasutamiseks. Ioontehnoloogia vähendab juuste staatilisust ja muudab need siledaks ja läikivaks. ..


Parlux hair dryer silencer - Does not reduce airflow - Significantly lowers the noise and changes the tone to a more comfortable one Infinite life - if you replace your dryer ..

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