INFINITI b:BROWN series 100 ml

Lift & colour system that delivers soft brown results on natural & coloured hair – no need to pre-lighten.• On-scalp formula.• Perfect for all dark hair types...

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INFINITI b:RED Refresher 60ml

Värskenda oma bRed värvi lihtsalt, ühe sammulise lisamisega. bRed Refresher on lihtne ja kergesti kasutatav toode värskendamaks punast, vaskset või magenta värvi, mis esialgselt s..

INFINITI b:Red Series100ml

Off-Scalp Colour Highlighting   INFINITI® b:RED® Series is an off-scalp colour highlighting system that delivers intense red highlights on natural and coloured hair in..

KITOKO Protein Additive

This Kitoko special treatment has been created to infuse the hair structure with protein, minerals and nutrients and to halt free-radical damage when added to chemical products. Fi..

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